A Man Called Cain posted by on July 23, 2014

A Man Called Cain

A Man Called Cain‘ is a work of fiction, outlining their journeys across the rugged terrain from Virginia to Oklahoma. Not knowing each other, Eli Cain and John Andrews, wanted a better life for their families. They encountered hardships along the treacherous trail. With the drone of the wagon wheels, they continued their journeys as they pursued their dream of carving an entire out of an uncharted desert wilderness. Will Cain, becomes Marshal of Teardrop, Oklahoma. He doesn’t like killing, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. He faces death in the line of duty. Along with his deputy, Blake Jenner, they face many dangerous criminals. Things are much different out on the prairie. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between the man wearing the handcuffs and the man wearing the badge.
Till Death Do Us Part posted by on January 20, 2014


“Paul’s Journey With Cancer”

On September 28, 2002, Sally married her soul mate, Robert Paul Repass, Sr. Life was wonderful for them until Paul was diagnosed with Prostate cancer in January 2011. After 42 radiation treatments, they hoped that this would be behind them and life could go on. However, God had other plans for them. In August 2012, Paul was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon cancer. This time they were devastated. Both of them knew this was a death sentence. He took 18 chemo treatments and lost his battle almost 6 months after his last treatment. This is the story of his remarkable journey and how his loving wife stood by him through it all.

Murder in Woonsocket posted by on October 21, 2013


Woonsocket was described as ‘The Town with the Beautiful Lake’. It was a peacful town until a heinous murder was committed. The townspeople were in shock. Beautiful, young, Christine Holiday had been murdered. Who could have committed such a crime? Was it someone she knew or was it a stranger passing through the town? The police worked hard trying to solve the murder. Could they catch the killer before another innocent girl was murdered? This is the story of a town that was turned upside down. Would Woonsocket ever be a normal town again?



Animal Tales: Stories From The Heart posted by on August 28, 2013


Animal Tales‘ is a book of short stories about real animals. It is based mostly on facts, with some added fiction for more enjoyable reading. It tells of the trials and triumphs that each animal faced. It is wonderful reading for all ages, the young, and the young at heart!

Sara’s Quest posted by on June 3, 2013


Inspirational book that deals with the death of Sara’s, grandfather, whom she has not seen, since she was a baby. The story tells of how she is enlightened about her past. She realizes that she has to move on and not let the past engulf her life forever. She thinks she is destined to be alone the rest of her life. She doesn’t know what God has in store for her. She goes from being a city girl, in Georgia, to a country girl, living on a farm in Virginia. This is a story of mystery, tragedy, danger, faith and love.

Isabelle’s Choice posted by on January 29, 2013

Isabelle's Choice

Just before her high school graduation, Isabelle Colter, lost her best friend, Fallon Hollister, in a car accident. She wanted to give up and die, too. With God’s help and the love of her family and friends, she knew she had to go on living. After graduation she left her boyfriend, Tracy Kelley, in Laurel, Montana, to pursue her dream of modeling, not knowing where it would take her or the challenges she would have to face. Sophia took her under her wing and treated her like the daughter she lost several years ago. Not only did she give Isabelle a job, but gave her a safe place to live. Isabelle fell deeply in love, only to be left alone with heartache and tears. She needed her family, but they were so far away. She wondered if she made the right choice when she decided to accept the job in Italy. Is there happiness in Isabelle’s future? Can she let herself fall in love again or can she get past all the heartache she has been through? Only time will tell…